We create the space between things.


We offer holistic product and brand consulting - stand alone or as part of the development process.

Holistic innovation, product and brand consulting forms the basis for our development activities and is also offered ‘stand alone’ in order to make our support available to companies developing in-house.

Knowledge building, analysis, evaluation and the subsequent joint development from one source simplifies and accelerates processes and saves unnecessary costs.

For us, the consulting activity is therefore also optionally one of the first milestones in the focus and as a possible kick-off for a joint development.

Two decades of participation – numerous projects – real implementations for corporations and start-ups – local and international – active membership in the ZIM-supported innovation network – numerous awards – that’s what defines us! We have experience and references, and thanks to our methodology we are always receptive, fundamentally questioning, with a permanent curiosity for proven, ongoing processes, change and the future.

Considerations from outside – the classic consulting methods – are relevant, but cannot fully reflect many of the aspects involved. In competition with pure consulting providers, we, as idea developers and idea implementers, approach consulting with joint responsibility and empathy for target groups and clients in every phase. To put it in a nutshell: in addition to the good classical methods, we immerse ourselves in topics with our own methods, connect with them, and thus obtain the really relevant questions and answers. This makes the difference, which is reflected in the results.

We divide consulting services into four categories:

Gaining knowledge

  • Market research
  • Target group research
  • Human focus research
  • Intelligent property research
  • How to research
  • Usecase research
  • Network research
  • Product business research

Analyse & evaluate knowledge

  • Insights from research
  • Applying insights
  • Reliable and subjective findings
  • Status analyses

Iterative consulting

  • Iterating scenarios
  • Design Thinking
  • Empathy creative methods
  • Morphology
  • Open innovation
  • AR/VR Experience / NEW

Pragmatic progress consulting

  • Specification of requirements
  • Project planning and management
  • Creative direction
  • Innovation action
  • Market transformation progress
  • Market entry

Quality principles & standards

We work according to the following consulting principles:

  • We only accept assignments for which we are qualified.
  • We are constantly improving our skills.
  • We work on the basis of an appropriate quality standard.
  • Our consulting services are independent and objective.
  • As consultants and developers, we maintain strict confidentiality in all business information and planning.
  • Consulting services are provided exclusively on the basis of transparent contract content and reasonable costs.
  • Consultations correspond to the established knowledge of the industries and the needs of the clients.
  • Companies receiving consulting services are provided with a consulting report that presents the results of the consulting in a form that is comprehensible and conclusive for the company management.
  • As consultants and developers we have comprehensive professional liability insurance.



We can offer different consulting modules, starting with compact 1-2 day workshops, comprehensive market screenings, modules on several questions up to full service support (12/24 months). Please contact us for the services we offer.



In addition, we offer subsidized consulting services in the context of RKW’s consulting activities for Wolf U. Wagner. You may be entitled to a consulting subsidy for several years. We can inform you about further possibilities after knowing your goals and the status of your company. Please ask us for the parameters without obligation.



Consulting begins without obligation – with dialogue and the first essential questions and answers.

Please contact us for further information on consulting or to get into an open dialogue with us:


Michaela Ebbinghaus ebbinghaus@wagner-design.de or studio@wagner-design.de

Human Resources

There's something to do. We look forward to meeting you!

Post-Corona is on the way! We’ re looking for you to create a valuable and sustainable future in the field of product and experience – digital as well as analogue – if you have extraordinary talent, comprehensive skills and motivation for creative, holistic design work.


We offer you the opportunity to participate in our corporate and start-up-driven developments. It’s all about new and established markets and the redefinition of solutions. Innovation in combination with marketability and focus on values is our primary goal.


In the current stage we’ re open to get to know you, if your core skills are in one of the areas of industrial design, experience design, interaction design, application design or programming of interfaces & applications, if you want to start as a junior or if you are already confident with 2-5 years of experience – if you continuously expand your skills in other fields or if you see the steady increase of comprehensive competence and skills as part of your personal and professional advancement. We’re looking for people who want to bring sustainability, understanding of values and a native understanding of digital and analogue development into innovative solutions for people and brands.


You are yourself: competent, individual, team oriented, motivated! You should know what to do in your field, be able to demonstrate this with first-class references, which you have substantially contributed to developing, and be able to conduct international dialogues (English, Chinese, Japanese are also welcome). You should be able to work in a small team with enthusiasm and motivation.

In Q3/4 we're looking for:

  • Industrial Designer (f/m/d) for digital/analogue product development
    permanent / trainee / internship
  • Interface & Experience Designer (f/m/d) for digital/analogue product developments
    permanent / trainee / internship
  • Application Designer (f/m/d) for digital/analogue product development
    freelance project-related
  • Interface Programmer (f/m/d) (visual, voice) for digital product development
    permanent / freelance
  • AR / VR artists and programmers (f/m/d) for virtual 3D/4D product experience developments
  • Consultant (f/m/d) with design competence for screening, analysis, evaluation and strategy in our diverse markets
    permanent / freelance


You are welcome to apply for employment / freelance work / trainee or a university internship (main studies).Please send your application documents with reference to the job profile with portfolio (link or PDF) and a short answer to at least one of the following questions to Michaela Ebbinghaus at ebbinghaus@wagner-design.de . Michaela will get in touch with you.



  • What’s the next step after Corona?
  • What does sustainability mean to you?
  • What does design deliver?


We’re looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.