Cyber Physical Display (CPD) for Kihara from Arita, Japan

Kihara is one of the most respected porcelain brands from Arita, Japan for generations.
The brand’s products are manufactured to be outstanding in their own right and have a depth of meaning to communicate. Studio Wagner:Design developed a networked presentation stage for selected products of the Kihara brand, on which the product and the material are presented in direct dialogue with online multimedia content. CPD is intended especially for the specialist trade and for exhibitions. The content is managed centrally and uploaded online to the CPD devices – also individually from store to store or throughout the day with different messages, depending on the type of device. In a further planned and in development stage a linguistic system will communicate with the interested consumer. CPD has its own online platform. The hardware is currently used in several designs and in different markets. If you are interested, we are happy to share further information with you.